Are you a cannabis caregiver or caregiver storefront in need of quality Maine cannabis? Look no farther, we can help, reach out to become a wholesaler.

Why Buy Wholesale?

Buying wholesale is the best option for caregiver storefronts for many reasons especially now that medical cannabis products are in such high demand. With more individuals taking the route of using cannabis for wellness and recreational use on the rise, there is no better time to start buying wholesale for your business to ensure you always have your shelves stocked for your customers. Wholesale buyers have fairly priced, first-hand access to the finest of products as well as the opportunity to purchase products before they are released to the general public. 

The Best Deals on Premium Cannabis Products!

Buying wholesale means getting a better deal on your products. Photon Pharms offers fair prices for our wholesale buyers to ensure all of our products are affordable for our clients. Our Maine cannabis is grown with natural methods for soil, lighting, nutrients, and seed germination. We offer indica, sativa, and hybrid flower options and concentrates that provide relief for patients. Maine medical marijuana patients often prefer cannabis concentrates. Concentrates offer a higher dosage of THC and can provide better relief. We also carry CBD oil for you and your pets’ medical needs!

We Offer Delivery in Central Maine!

We want our customers to have their high-quality cannabis products easily accessible to them. In these recent times of uncertainty, the delivery has never been a better option. For customers who can’t leave their home or make it in store for a pickup, whether it be for medical or other reasons, Photon Pharms is here to deliver all of your Maine grown medical cannabis needs. Put in your order today.

Delivery offered within 15 miles of Belgrade, Maine.
Minimum purchase of $50 and delivery fee of $10.

Our Flower Strains

Platinum Punch Remix
Platinum Kush Mints 
Platinum Huckleberry 
Orange Kush Cake 
Sour Lemon Punch
Animal Mintz X OGKB
Ice Cream Man 
Purple Slurricane
Scouts Honor 
Pineapple Cake 
Black Cherry Punch
Gellato #33
Mac 69
Mac 14
Wilson 0
Purple Punch Pound Cake 
White Wedding 
Grape Drank
Bruce Banner #10
Purple Runtz
Inzane In The Membrane
Red Dragon 
Thugs Breath

Get To Know Photon Pharms

About Photon Pharms

Photon Pharms is dedicated to cultivating pure, clean, and natural cannabis products for Maine medical marijuana patients. We are focused on natural growing methods for our Maine marijuana.

Our Products

Photon Pharms offers cannabis deliveries for our premium products in Central Maine. You can learn more about what we have to offer by clicking the link below.

Sharing What We Have Learned

We believe cannabis patients deserve quality medicine for their conditions. By growing naturally we have a variety of clean and pure cannabis products. Read our blogs to learn more.

Pricing for our extracts:


$30/diamonds and sauce

$40 ice diamonds

Distillate cartridges are $25 each or $20 if you buy six or more

Interested In Our Wholesale Cannabis Products?

We strongly encourage anyone to contact us today if they require our services or have any questions, comments, or concerns. We are building a welcoming environment for all of our clients! We look forward to meeting you today!