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Why Grow Medical Cannabis Using Organic Nutrients


The benefits in the use of Maine medical marijuana are being found more and more as the year’s progress.  Caregiver storefronts and Maine dispensaries are offering high-grade medical cannabis, using a wide variety of growing methods. Ideally, when cultivating medical cannabis, the goal is to get as much out of the plants as possible. This is what growers call a “high-yield” grow. It is often the goal of growing medical cannabis. Having high-yield cannabis plants that have a strong CBD or THC percentage, is what allows medical patients to receive the best relief from cannabis. Just like the tomatoes in your garden, cannabis plants – when treated well, can grow to their full potential, offering medical benefits in many forms. There are many aspects to growing medical marijuana, it is not as simple as some would think. Some people have said

 “It’s just a weed, it will grow no matter what.” But it is anything but that. Yes, as a plant it can grow on its own, but giving it everything it needs in a natural way helps it reach its fullest potential. That being said, using synthetic nutrients is also a way to boost cannabis plants to reach this potential. However, when using synthetic nutrients shortly before harvest, growers will have to use a “flushing“ method to reach a final product.  The flushing method is done to purge any unwanted leftover material from the plant food used during the growing process. Using fully organic and natural ingredients can also achieve this goal of clean, safe, high-quality end products without the need for flushing. So let’s examine some of the reasons why using organic growing methods is better for you, the plant, and Maine medical marijuana patients. 



Take a step back for a moment. Think about the human body. For quite a while it was thought that we could only become let’s say a bodybuilder for example if we eat a high meat-based protein diet. In the example of a bodybuilder, it is also thought that only by using certain steroidal supplements would you be able to achieve this goal. Thankfully this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Many bodybuilders are now finding that getting their proteins from plants, instead of unnatural stimulants, allow them to achieve their highest and best self. Gorillas in the wild eat plants almost exclusively. These animals are built like pro wrestlers. Humans oftentimes feel better and have more lasting stamina to continue their health and well-being regimen when using an organic plant-based approach. Now, why bring this up? Because the same can be said for medical cannabis in Maine. It is completely possible to beef up and achieve high-quality Maine medical marijuana using synthetic, or less natural means in the growing process. However, when offering organic and all-natural means of growing techniques, cannabis plants can and do exceed these growing goals and offer a clean, organic medicine. 

In the world we live in today, more people are finding that utilizing organic growing methods, from plants to animals, resulting in great effects and benefits. Using organic growing techniques from the seed to the harvesting process for medical cannabis is something many people find comforting. Knowing there is nothing unnatural in your cannabis, allows for patients to know they are getting what they’re looking for. Marijuana as a means of treating symptoms works because of its organic nature. Pharmaceutical drugs have unwanted side effects, many may not be able to tolerate them well over time. This is why many Mainers are seeking the use of medical marijuana to treat their symptoms in a natural holistic way, instead of pharmaceutical options. 

There is something to be said for treating your body right. It starts with what we put into our bodies. Knowing there is a clean, pure way to treat your medical symptoms through cannabis, gives many Mainers peace of mind. Choosing a natural means of relief is the goal for many. Using synthetics to grow medical cannabis is not something that is necessarily frowned on, but it is something that then requires the need for the cannabis to be cleaned before harvesting the cannabis plant. This is done by using a “flushing“ method. This is when nothing but water is used weeks before harvesting. Sometimes this doesn’t always get all of the unwanted material from the synthetic nutrients out of the plants and can affect the final product. Growing using nothing but organic material illuminates this problem and allows for clean cannabis from start to finish. More and more growers are using natural and holistic ways of cultivating medical marijuana. With the rise of organic and natural ways of living, this method works beautifully for the cultivation of Maine medical marijuana. So, why grow using organic methods and nutrients? Because having natural, clean, and organic relief is what makes Maine medical marijuana uniquely separate from pharmaceutical medicines. Eliminating possibly harmful side effects from synthetically grown cannabis, and giving patients what they deserve in alternative medicine. Rest assured, Photon Pharms is dedicated to delivering our customers the natural, clean, and organic products they want and need. We are here for you, come talk with us today.