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There are many ways cannabis brings support and wellness to Maine medical marijuana patient’s daily lives. Each method of consumption offers patients a variety when searching for the perfect combination for symptom support. Smoking a joint or using a pipe are popular choices for flower consumption. Also, patients use concentrates like dabs and vape pens for when a more specific CBD or THC dosage is necessary. Many patients are even eating edibles and finding relief from that as well. Below are descriptions of the various products Photon Pharms has to offer.


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Indica is a strain of cannabis known to give intense pain-relieving effects and substantial body buzz, which provides it with the nickname “In da couch.” Often patients seek Indica strains for their high THC content and relaxation qualities. There are many different types of Indica strains, each with their unique flavor and medicinal properties. Ask our caregivers which one of our Indica dominant strains could be right for you.

For patients in need of a daytime friendly cannabis strain, looking into trying a Sativa dominant flower could work well. Usually, Sativa offers up citrus and peppery aroma and is a significant mood boost to keep you going during the day. Sativa’s are often an excellent option for mood enhancement. For the “on the go” cannabis user, explore how a Sativa can benefit your mood and leave you feeling energized.

What is a hybrid? A hybrid cannabis strain is when cannabis growers cross the mother plant of a Sativa and breed it with the father plant of an Indica. The cross-breeding process makes a hybrid plant that has the characteristics of both flower strains. Having an Indica dominant strain may give patients pain while not making them too tired. On the other side, having a Sativa dominant strain could have the reverse effect. There are many combinations of hybrids, and Photon Pharms is happy to have them available. Ask our staff which could be right for you.


Edibles have been found beneficial for Maine medical marijuana patients. For patients that are unable to smoke combustible forms of cannabis offering, different cannabis treats help give a wider variety of targeted symptom relief. 

Cannabis Concentrates


Just as the name implies, cannabis concentrates are your marijuana medicine in its purest form. Concentrates give a higher THC dosage or CBD dose depending on the product. Patients who need a higher THC dose may want to look into dabs as an option for consumption. Dabs are created by extraction services breaking down cannabis flower into purer forms of THC. Dabs are also known as shatter and crumble. Photon Pharms carries various concentration products for our cannabis patients. Vaping and eating edibles are also forms of concentrates Photon Pharms has for our patients.

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About Photon Pharms

Photon Pharms is a caregiver storefront dedicated to cultivating pure, clean, and naturally grown cannabis products for Maine medical marijuana patients. Having gained experience and knowledge through years of cannabis cultivation, Photon Pharms takes every step to give patients naturally grown medical cannabis. To learn more about Photon Pharms, follow the link below.

Sharing What We Have Learned

We care about what goes into our medical cannabis. Photon Pharms also cares about our patients. It’s all about sharing the knowledge and growing the medical cannabis community. That’s why we want to showcase what we’ve learned throughout the years to help you with your medical marijuana journey. Check out our educational content, by following the link below.

Photon Pharms Products and Services

Photon Pharms knows having a variety of cannabis products is essential. Offering different strains of flower, high THC dose concentrates, and edibles are some of the products Photon Pharms has available at our location. Follow along with the link provided for a more detailed list of our products.

Knowledgeably grown products for premium MMMP cannabis medicine

Photon Pharms works hard to remain an expert in our growth and cultivation of premium Maine Medical Marijuana for our MMMP patients. We believe in clean, pure, and trustworthy growing and cultivating processes to provide only the best medicine possible. We are proud to serve the Maine Medical Marijuana Program responsibly and cleanly. 


Maine medical marijuana caregivers such as Photon Pharms care about the community. Building a relationship and creating a friendly, welcoming environment. Photon Pharms encourages anyone who needs our services, has any questions or concerns, and those who may need some guidance to contact us today.