Canna-Business Grow Consulting Services

New to cannabis growing? Do you have some grow experience but are wanting to level-up? Let the knowledgeable team at Photon Pharms lead you through the process of effectively and successfully growing premium cannabis flower.


Photon Pharms is a premium Maine Medical Marijuana Caregiver who cultivates top-shelf commercial medical marijuana for patients. The team at Photon Pharms is extremely educated in complete grow operations, from the design and build of your set up, to the cultivation, effective trimming, and bountiful production of your grow. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and helping other cannabis connoisseurs’s grow high-quality marijuana flower.

Our Grow Consulting Services

We offer expert advice on efficient grow design, convenient build-out, and extensive operational management. Our cannabis consulting goal is to set you and your grow team up for complete success. From set up to harvest, we are a skilled team of grow experts who are prepared to help you develop the best grow operation you can.

Effective Design & Build-Out

Our knowledgeable team at Photon Pharms offers complete facility design build out, with the know-how to re-create your own grow design in the future. We show our customers how to work with sustainable operations that last. We understand the importance of working at a capacity that can keep up with the demand of your business needs. We will help you to set realistic timelines and stick to them. We have got your back through learning the entire grow process.

Work With Photon Pharms

Our Design & Build Services Include -

Deployment of Cultivation Operations

Grow Room Design: Lighting, Irrigation, Automation, HVAC, All Natural & Conventional

Standard Operating Procedures,

Micropropagation Consulting & Genetic Preservation

Facility Design

Facility Equipment List

Cannabis Cultivation Facility Equipment Sourcing

Standard Operating Procedures

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Efficient Operational Management

The reputation of your cannabis business is dependent of the quality of your product. To grow consistent high-quality product, our strategic team will show you how to develop cultivation techniques that are effective and lasting. The success of your business relies on the efficient and effective, quality cultivation of your grow.   


Our Maine team is dedicated to producing a wide range of premium cannabis flower and products. Let us share this knowledge in-depth with you during our quality and effective consulting sessions!

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