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Offering top-quality cannabis products, combined with organic knowledge-based growing techniques. Photon Pharms creates cannabis for wellness products our patients deserve.


Maine medical marijuana has a reputation for quality, from seed to harvest. Photon Pharms provides medical cannabis for patients looking for an alternative means to help with their needs. Photon Pharms uses a vast knowledge base in cultivation and organic growing. Resulting in top shelf medical cannabis. There are many aspects to growing and cultivating high THC dose and high CBD dose strains of medical marijuana. It starts with providing seeds with the best growing conditions possible. 

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We are dedicated to quality.

When it comes to providing the best flower and products from Maine medical marijuana, it is important to treat cannabis for wellness with the best possible conditions for growing. Photon Pharms takes great measures to ensure their medical cannabis is treated with care from start to finish. There are many Maine dispensaries and caregiver storefronts all over the state of Maine, Photon Pharms aim to stand alone from the rest. Basing our cultivation methods on quality, knowledge, organic results and attention to detail.


For people that are looking for a natural, and holistic form of medication, Photon Pharms takes pride in the knowledge acquired from years of Maine medical marijuana cultivation. Using the highest quality soil, lighting, and organic nutrients, make for high THC dose, and CBD dose strains of medical cannabis for wellness. Photon Pharms has compassion and understanding for the patients using medical cannabis and because of this, it is important to offer natural, unaltered Maine medical marijuana. We focus on using products that do not affect cannabis plants throughout the process, this is important in the Photon Pharms cultivation process. Oftentimes using a “flushing“ technique during harvest time is used to clean out any unwanted nutrients from cannabis. This is not the case at Photon Pharms. Nothing is used during the growing process that should not be in the final product. This allows for clean, quality Maine medical marijuana without the need for unnecessary processing and stripping. This results in high-quality, clean, organic flower, concentrates, THC and CBD edibles, as well as other cannabis for wellness products.

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Learn More About Your Maine Medical Marijuana

There are many ways Photon Pharms uses its knowledge of holistic medicine to create top notch Maine medical marijuana. From seed to harvest, cultivation, lighting and delivery services, Photon Pharms has all the aspects you may be looking for in a Maine cannabis dispensary. Check out our about page to learn how we care for our cannabis for wellness patients.

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Education is a huge part of cultivating quality Maine medical marijuana. Knowing the ins and outs of what goes into your cannabis can give you peace of mind, knowing it’s made as organically as possible. Cannabis for wellness takes education and knowing the process front to back. Learn the exciting ways we grow and process your Maine medical marijuana.

Maine Medical Marijuana Products

In order to best fit the needs of our Maine medical marijuana patients, Photon Pharms provides a wide range of products and services. From cannabis delivery, to high THC dose and CBD dose strains. Patients are finding new and helpful ways to consume their medical cannabis. Staying ahead of the curve with these products provides a variety for our patients needs. Click below for a list of products.

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For questions or concerns, it is important to speak with someone who has your best interest in mind. Our team is compassionate, and knowledgeable about your Maine medical marijuana. We can also answer any questions you might have. When looking for the best THC or CBD strains, edibles or other products, contact Photon Pharms so we can help point you in the right direction.

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Maine marijuana is a rising industry. It’s providing support and medical relief for many Mainers from all over. Maine marijuana delivery gives patients freedom to stay at home and still get their medicine. Delivery of cannabis in Maine also let’s people be able to safely use their cannabis, without worry or inconvenience and avoid the potential need of driving. Find out how we can help you with your Maine medical marijuana delivery needs.